A Golden Cake!

A fabulous cake to share today from: OurFoodStories.com, it’s golden, it’s sparkly and it’s gluten free. GOLDEN COCONUT-RASPBERRY-ROSE-CAKE: a gluten-free Wedding Cake from OurFoodStories: Last month my father married his girlfriend. It was quite spontaneous and they wanted to celebrate very private, all in all we’ve been only 6 persons at their wedding. Of course Nora […]

Such an ELEGANT Cake!

  WHITE AND GOLD CAKE    from “Sugaretal”   Sugaretal: “So my love affair with mud cakes continues.  They are just brilliant to turn into layer cakes especially for celebrations.  This is a Caramel Mud Cake with an Orange Swiss Meringue buttercream and a chocolate ganache to top off. “     “The cake is very simple […]


Anthon Berg marzipan bread is legendary, and it was introduced in the Danish market for the first time in 1898. Then began a greengrocer Anthon Berg and his son Gustav selling filled chocolates. Marzipan bread arose originally as a small, simple tasting of marzipan covered with chocolate that was handed out to waiting customers in […]

Chocolate Cake DREAM

This cake looks simply decadent…           Forbidden Forest Chocolate Butterbeer Cake from: Half Baked Harvest           Chocolate lovers unite: this is totally your kind of cake!           “This frosting is everything, it’s chocolate butterbeer and it is addicting.  Think whipped chocolate buttercream with […]


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