Light Me Up

    Already the end of the year and getting ready to celebrate the Christmas Holidays, Hannuka and New Years. Glittery, Glitzy and Grandiose, fabulous model Anisia Khurmatulina lights up and shows us that being bright can mean more than intelligent.    It can also be “Illuminating”.   Shot by Benjamin Kanarek and filmed by […]


Our sweet sorceress Luisa Moek is conjuring up some magical fashion spells shot by Benjamin Kanarek and filmed by Frédérique Renaut in “White Magic” for POST Magazine. White never gets tame when accessorised playfully with panache. Let the light vibrate and use textures and materials in white to give your look more depth and dimension.   […]

Wallflower Wonder

“Colour me happy…colour me sad, mad, ecstatic, romantic, complex, simple, deep, prolific, artistic, realistic, pragmatic, manic… I am a fashionolic.    I am Anastasia and I am the Wallflower Wonder. Don’t ask me why, I just am and live my life taking in the wonders of the colourful world around me… “   Shot by […]


ELLE MAGAZINE “Red Hot in Red and Ready” Top Model Anaïs Pouliot spends some time in Paris in the heat wave with Benjamin Kanarek, Frédérique Renaut and their team.    Anaïs is wearing shades of red that will make you sizzle.  It looks like that crimson, burgundy, cherry, fire engine, blood, Ferrari, tomato, and HOT chilli […]

Michael Kors Collection

The Fall 2017 campaigns were photographed by Mario Testino across various locations in London. Michael Kors Collection A champion of ready-to-wear American luxury, Michael Kors debuted 3 campaigns for lines Michael Kors Collection, MICHAEL Michael Kors, and Michael Kors Men.  The Bancroft bag is the featured item in the Michael Kors Collection campaign, modeled by […]