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In love with: ELLA ZUBROWSKA

I’m simply MAD for these “jewellery works of art” made by ELLA ZUBROWSKA! PARIS, FRANCE Plume d’oie Necklace   spectacular classic and elegant ROYAL RING YES- IT OPENS!   BAROQUE CUFF ELLA ZUBROWSKA   I was born in Poland and I am living in between Cracow and Paris, the city of my heart. Since my early […]

Monte Cristo Waffle Strata

* From “Half Baked Harvest” * * Monte Cristo Waffle Strata * Half Baked Harvest: “Growing up my mom always tried to make something not so sweet and sugary to go along with her Monkey Bread. She would make this waffle strata thing with Pillsbury Waffles, eggs, sausage (or maybe ham), cheese and then I […]

because sparkle matters…

“I encourage you to remember that you are, indeed, as the stars.    You glow with the same intensity.    The answers that you seek outside of yourself may very well be found within the cosmic intelligence inside you.    Go ahead; show the world what you are made of! Sparkle, shine, light the way, […]

Rustic, Vintage, Shabby Charm

“My house is very traditional.  And I love ‘shabby chic.’  It’s a very homey-cosy vibe.  We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, actually; maybe my kids will be doing their homework or that kind of thing when they get home from school.  I love my kitchen.”   – Britney Spears     le […]

Elegant Life

Elegance, always. Alvear Palace Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina Photography: Ann Street Studio, NYC Pearl, diamond and topaz necklace and earrings, set in white gold. via:rolin “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”   — Victor Hugo   by Andrea Genti Rodin Museum Paris France Photography: Ann Street Studio, NYC […]

cats, just cats.

“Cats rule the world.”   -Jim Davis     instagram: catzalogue “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. “   -Robert A. Heinlein   Roxy, angel via:kittens catzalogue   illuminate! “Perhaps one reason we are fascinated by cats is because such a small […]

The Glamorous Life

Give me the glamorous life…. yes. via:baby via:vogue St. Ursus Cathedral, Solothurn, Switzerland Source:venusverticor Francesca Liberatore Fall 2018 Jerico – Kirkcaldy Horse Trials 2014 via:gentlem via:vogue via:zsazsabellagio Chanel Iman Champagne please… Jerico – Kirkcaldy Horse Trials 2014 New York Rosie via:vogue Glamorous Ball Jerico – Kirkcaldy Horse Trials 2014 Chado Ralph Rucci S/S 2013, New York Fashion Week […]

HAIR GLAMOUR — oh, so.

Aren’t we always looking for a little bit more hair glamour? Well, here you go…. a little inspiration and sparkle. Constellation Bobbies instagram: Epona Valley via: Happily Grey Andromeda Barrette instagram: Epona Valley Brigitte Bardot, 1960s Magdalena Chain, Lily of the Valley Clip instagram: Epona Valley Primrose Hair Bow Heirloom Hats via:prettypicsdelightfultips Backstage at Leonard Photographed […]