Such an ELEGANT Cake!


Sugaretal: “So my love affair with mud cakes continues. 

They are just brilliant to turn into layer cakes especially for celebrations. 

This is a Caramel Mud Cake with an Orange Swiss Meringue buttercream and a chocolate ganache to top off. “


“The cake is very simple to make with even layers so I didn’t even have to slice off and adjust. 
The golden border are just regular sprinkles (called 100s and 1000s in Australia) painted with a mix of edible glitter and a teeny bit of alcohol. It’s actually quite simple though doesn’t seem like it. “


“The flowers on top are my latest obsession with gum paste. 
I’ve been having so much fun making flowers in different colours and varieties to go on top of my desserts. 
The other decorations are Hershey’s kisses and bay leaves with a touch of gold.”

Looks fabulous, right?

You can find the recipe here:


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