Cute, Creative, Custom Embroidered Pet Shirts

This is simply darling! Custom Made Cat Embroidery on Shirts by Hiroko Kubota Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota began custom embroidery on shirts when her son requested to include figures of cats on them.  When she posted the images online, as well as confessed her son’s obsession and intense passion for the photos went viral.  The adorable embroidery sensation […]

Fabulous, Creative- Oh So COOL: ARTKVARTA

This I quite like_ “Artisan, handmade, stained-glass jewelry” from ETSY SHOP: ARTKVARTA ArtKvarta Shop Owners: “Kvarta is the Ukranian word for a bowl, so ArtKvarta is a container full of Art. It is founded as an art association in Ukraine but now we work in Estonia. In our shop you can find a lot of beautiful […]

A Jewelry Delight: Sofia Zakia

Some wonderful, unique and delicate jewelry to share today created by “Sofia Zakia“. Sofia Zakia is a fine jewelry brand created and designed by Sofia Ajram in her Montreal studio.    Founded in 2015 under the name Morphē Jewelry with the intention of interpreting the beauty and mystique of outer space through the lens of jewelry, Sofia Zakia […]

Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings If you love tassel earrings– why not try making them yourself? via:honestlywtf You’ll need:   25 meters (79 feet) of bunka cord 2 corrugated brass beads 5/8″ 2 corrugated brass caps 1/2″ 2 eyepins 2 earwires E6000 pliers wire clippers scissors Japanese bunka cord is a very fine, high quality knitted rayon square cord that is perfect for making tassels. […]


Exquisite Eclectic Collection of Jewelry  Ailyn from Abiza Jewelry creates an eclectic collection of jewelry inspired by her constant migration from Switzerland to Dubai to England.  The gemstone pieces are elegant and contemporary.  They are made with the use of natural crystals and high-quality metals, crafted in her studio in Chester, Cheshire. ABIZA JEWELRY    YOU CAN […]

Dainty Gold Rings

Dainty Gold Rings   Handmade in Athens by Bubblebox, these adorable dainty rings are available in brass or silver and come in yellow, black, white or pink.    The contemporary pieces reflect the artist’s stylish and creative sensibility.     FOR THESE AND MANY MORE LITTLE DELIGHTS VISIT THE ETSY SHOP: BUBBLEBOX

Creative Handbags!

    Beautiful Handmade Book Clutches by Elena Myloslavskaya Russian artist Elena Myloslavskaya is a fashionista with the heart of a bookworm.    When she couldn’t find her dream bag, she took the decision to make her own collection in her Etsy shop called Bagatelle Studio.       So CUTE! Be sure to visit this ETSY SHOP: […]


Wonderful and creative ETSY finds to share today! YAYOI Jewelry on Etsy YAYOI Jewelry on Etsy YAYOI Jewelry on Etsy YAYOI Jewelry on Etsy Hair Pins and Hair Sticks by Love and Cherish on Etsy Hair Pins and Hair Sticks by Love and Cherish on Etsy Hair Pins and Hair Sticks by Love and Cherish on Etsy Hair […]