It’s sooooo SWEETSY!

SHARING TODAY SOME FABULOUS JEWELRY FINDS FROM ETSY, ENJOY. Oval brass hoop earrings Etsy Shop: BLUE sky BLACK bird Art Deco Engagement Ring   Etsy Shop: Artemer Handwriting Bracelet Etsy Shop: Caitlyn Minimalist Multicolored Nature Ring Flower Specimen Resin Rings by Etsy Shop:  Mallet and Mandrel Large hammered gold hoop earrings   Etsy Shop: BLUE sky BLACK bird Handwriting Bar […]

Pretty Stuff

STARTING THE WEEK OUT WITH A WHOLE LOT OF PRETTY, ENJOY. instagram ETSY SHOP: Mywony Bridal via:trescharmantes Photographer: Alain M.  Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab  Wedding planner & artistic direction: Marie Chicchirichi | Floral & Wedding Designer: Lettre à Élise Events weddingsparrow.com DOLCE AND GABBANA Mini Cat Bracelet ETSY SHOP: luckeeluvstudio via:lamaison Prabal Gurung ss’18 LA PLUME D’OIE EARRINGS ellazubrowska.com LA PLUME […]

Chair Whimsy

Sharing today this absolutely darling and wonderful ETSY SHOP called “CHAIR WHIMSY”. Shop Owner: Wendy Conklin, from Austin, Texas,  makes these magnificent, fanciful and oh so whimsical chairs and settees that you can’t help but fall in love with.  Here are a few of her fantastical creations: CHAIR WHIMSY Eclectic Floral Dining Chairs Eclectic Floral Dining […]

In love with: ELLA ZUBROWSKA

I’m simply MAD for these “jewellery works of art” made by ELLA ZUBROWSKA! PARIS, FRANCE Plume d’oie Necklace   spectacular classic and elegant ROYAL RING YES- IT OPENS!   BAROQUE CUFF ELLA ZUBROWSKA   I was born in Poland and I am living in between Cracow and Paris, the city of my heart. Since my early […]

Persian Bear

This is pretty cool… “Persian Bear” Life-Size Animals Emerge from Persian Rugs in Perception-Defying Sculptures by Debbie Lawson British sculptor Debbie Lawson works in the space between two and three dimensions, forming wild animals that emerge from old-fashioned rugs.    “Red Bear Head” and “White Stag” (detail) The artist builds her animals from scratch, using chicken wire […]

Paula Mendoza Jewelry

You are simply going to LOVE this! Paula Mendoza Jewelry is incredibly cool, creative- just stunning. ARCO EARRINGS Paula Mendoza Jewelry  JOOS BRACELET Paula Mendoza is a jewelry designer based in New York City. Her love for aesthetics influenced and motivated her to start designing jewelry at a very young age, for Paula, the inspiration behind the […]

art matters

“Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.”   — Annette Messager     Claude Monet – Water Lilies, c. 1915 linda_vachon_tetedecaboche “If all you can do is crawl, start crawling.”   — Rumi      Barbara de Clercq © Helen Lyôn Han Xiao “I have […]


The “Book Bags” by Krukrustudio are simply delightful. Your favorite book is turned into a unique, creative and handcrafted handbag, love it! Moscow-based indie boutique Krukrustudio is known for their wide collection of bags, which resemble cute trinkets or unique memorabilia.  Krukrustudio’s pieces have transformed classic literature novels into an elaborate purse design which has a book […]