SAAB Spectacular

PARIS, FRANCE ELIE SAAB SPRING 2019 HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION “I wanted to celebrate the magic of femininity,” said Elie Saab   “It’s a dream of luminous mermaids emerging from the waves and promenading along the sea.”  The collection indeed had a liquid quality, with sinuous silhouettes dripping in silvery ocean-blue sequins.  “I wanted to express […]


Simply stunning. PARIS, FRANCE VALENTINO SPRING 2019 HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION “The collection was indeed transportingly beautiful, a triumph of audacious color, flawless workmanship, and bravura statements for night leavened with glamorous and insouciant real-life propositions for day.”   – VOGUE Visit:  ArtPassionZsaZsaBellagio