Rare Antique Textiles

  Sharing today a fabulous Etsy Shop called Trouvais.     18th c French Silk Shoes with Pink Ruffled Silk Trim Louis XVI era, 18th c French silk shoes with pink ruffled front. Cream leather heels, leather interior. One of the most charming aspect of 18th c ladies shoes, besides the frivolity of utilizing delicate silk, […]

Ballet Beautiful

“There are no taking days off.    There are no distractions.    If I had that, I physically wouldn’t be capable of going onstage and performing live theater.    It’s extremely demanding.   I have to be in ballet class every day. “   – Misty Copeland        Vaganova Ballet Academy student Daria Ionova […]

Gucci Wow

    Creative, cool, crazy –  just a complete mix of everything somehow comes together in way that’s kind of hard to explain. Aside from the “theatrics”, I really like a lot of the individual pieces and designs. See for yourself.           GUCCI    Fall 2018 Collection   Visit:  ArtPassionZsaZsaBellagio

Baby’s got the BLUES

  “Blue offers up a tranquility which belies its true appearance.”    ― Anthony T. Hincks   Giotto c. 14th century Scrovegni Chapel (detail) Delpozo Pre-Fall 2018 “I routinely use my blue sky “Device” and it works very well for me.”    ― Steven Magee, Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Shoot Factory Sorrel Lingerie, Dawn Taito II, Chrysanthemum, around 1830 […]