J’adore Diamants

Diamonds, pearls and precious stones from the French collection of crown jewels 1887. The French Crown Jewels  (French: Joyaux de la Couronne de France) comprise the crowns, orb, sceptres, diadems and jewels that were symbols of Royal power between 752 and 1825. These were worn by many Kings and Queens of France. The set was finally broken up, with most of it sold […]

Ballet Beautiful

Maria Khoreva, Vaganova Ballet Academy student (popularly known as @marachok on instagram) George Balanchine, Brahms-Schönberg Quartet Costumes by Karl Lagerfeld ph. Benoîte Fanton Hannah O’Neill and Marc Moreau in Don Quixote “You cannot live when you are untouchable.  Life is about vulnerability.” – Édouard Boubat Vladislav Lantratov and Olga Smirnova in Bolshoi’s Eugene Onegin dance Lucia Lacarra and […]

Silver. Sparkles. GLAMOUR.

Delpozo S/S 2016       Sparkles, silver, sequins and shimmer – all oh so glamorous and gorgeous.   Can’t get enough because we girls love sparkle.       Saint Laurent SS 16 via:lacooletchic Isabel Zapardiez ss 17 Nina Ricci Fall 2015 Martha Hunt by Hudson Taylor for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam July 2016 Silver Sparkle Turtleneck […]

Rouge allure

“The red was something none of them could contain.”    ― E.J. Koh, Red     Red Toile Ueda Kyoko. via:atgun via:ecarredebuis Idle Conversation by Albert Beck Wenzell (American, 1864–1917) via:uniqueshomedesign Highland House Furniture.  Poetic French Country Dining. 1950’s Vintage fashion “It was so—oh, I wish language were more precise! The red was so beautiful!”   The Giver […]


A whole lot of pretty to share today, enjoy. La Durée in Brussels, Belgium. Christine Lafuente pleats and ruffles St. Mary’s House “Saccharin Morbidity” Watercolours & pigment liner with paper & acetate collage, on wood; 30.1cm x 45cm Bow fabulous Photo by Deb Halloran Found on fineartamerica.com magnificent metallic Lovely Plates matchbookmag.com Guo Pei Fall […]


via:livingadreamylife “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.” – Sigmund Freud Flavia Lucini by Rob Northway for Vogue Brazil July 2016 In the Center of the Lagoon Nebula  Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA – Processing & Licence: Judy Schmidt the r. Flavia Lucini by Rob Northway for Vogue Brazil July 2016 MIND OVER MATTER the view from above … Jim Clark, […]


  Glamorous, fabulous, gorgeous: some of my favorites, enjoy.       ALEXANDER MCQUEEN     SPRING SUMMER 2016-17 COLLECTION