A Golden Cake!

A fabulous cake to share today from:

OurFoodStories.com, it’s golden, it’s sparkly and it’s gluten free.


a gluten-free Wedding Cake

from OurFoodStories:

Last month my father married his girlfriend. It was quite spontaneous and they wanted to celebrate very private, all in all we’ve been only 6 persons at their wedding. Of course Nora and i wanted to give him something special, so we decided to make a wedding cake.

Lucky us, that the number of guests was so limited, so the cake didn’t had to be that big and everyone could have a big piece of it. 

As my father is an artist and works a lot with gold leaf we wanted to create a golden cake. 

For the rest of the cake and the decoration we decided to stay classic and choose white. 

The cake batter is refined with grated coconut and vanilla and the filling is made with raspberry jam and whipped cream, which is just the perfect combination!

For the recipe visit:





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