How Sweet It Is: Pâte de fruit

Sharing today a delightful and beautiful treat from “Teresa Floyd from Now-Forager” food and photography, it’s called:


Teresa Floyd :
“Pink Grapefruit & Blood Orange Pâte de Fruit rolled in infused vanilla bean sugar. 
The results were winter citrus magic. 
Mouth-puckering tart grapefruit flavor on one side and sweet deep blood orange on the other. 
All coated in an aromatic vanilla bean infused sugar. 
As your mouth opens to take the first bite their flavor can be tasted before they even hit the tongue.”

Pâte de fruit (fruit jellies) are a French confection made from fruit puree, sugar, and pectin. 
Traditionally, they’re made using a single fruit puree flavor, cut, and rolled in basic granulated sugar.

If you want the recipe visit:

Teresa Floyd Food & Photography



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