House Beautiful: Classic

“I try not to bring in anything I don’t love looking at. It’s about restaint … There is something about an unfinished quality that leaves within you that sense of possibility.” 


—Artist Caio Fonseca

Ritz Carlton, Tianjin, China

George Cochran Lambdin (1830-1896) – Roses, 1874.

Traditional Home

“Life in the 21st century means taking the best of history and making it work for you.”


—Decorator Miles Redd

Carolyne Roehm.


Johan Laurentz Jensen (1800-1856) – Carnations, oil on panel, 22 x 16 cm.


House Beautiful

Traditional Home
House Beautiful


“I learned that passion about objects and furnishings makes for fearless decorators—and that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.”


—Interior designer Courtnay Daniels Haden

A shot of the Chinoiserie room in Carolyne Roehm’s Greek Revival home in Charleston, SC.


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