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I’m loving the decor and ambiance is this Spanish apartment– it’s elegant, artistic and classic. enjoy!

This apartment in the neighborhood of Salamanca in Madrid hides the secrets of a “petit palais” circular vaults, fresh, antiques … Parts and unique environments, very chic, which never cease to amaze.
When imaginative design teams up with an elegant space, Elf and magic shows. And this is what happened in this apartment in the heart of Salamanca in Madrid.
“O tempora and mores” !, “Oh time, oh customs,” Cicero’s maxim which recalls the obligation to maintain decency, above the fashions – woodworking is written on the door, which open to the living room, and gives us the best clue to the personality of the house, and the owner, lover of antiques and small details. One is the wallpaper that runs through the doorway, decorated with garlands and marbling. Imitates Renaissance frescoes and provides additional nobility, nothing over the threshold of the house.
With enviable dimensions, almost 400 m 2, the house was renovated by architect Bethlehem Maroto, Harp Architects. It was a narrow flat, narrow corridors, with little natural light and small spaces. Now it’s the opposite: very bright, spacious and flexible distribution with antiques that look happy and are protagonists of space environments. A reform that also highlights the impressive curved wall of the dining room, the prominence given to the roofs and interior designs woodwork.
But back to the beginning. The starting point to get this new image, cosmopolitan airs, was tearing down the walls to open spaces. The idea was to create a welcome area with cool, calm tones. The result is spectacular: now a spacious hall, lounge with different environments, library and dining room appear integrated. Ideal for a party with many guests in a sophisticated and serene space instead. Many details have contributed to it: the game of volumes on the ceiling with moldings that draw circles and vaults shell; the contrast between the white tone dominant and wallpapers, chromatic composition or close dialogue between furniture from different eras …
The owner, antique collector, also has well trained sensitivity to get a very personal decoration, and the lounge is a good example of this: a background of neutral tones, white walls and oak floors hugging fabrics with dense textures, furniture different times and artwork. His wealth is in the mix: A tufted sofa, Chesterfield, white style, side by side, straight lines, chenille stone, and a couple of tables, bean type, fur-lined, surrounded by classic occasional furniture.
The focus of the hall is the Turkish style lamp and two framed photographs of the pyramids of Egypt. These details also appear in the library, lined with classical moldings, beside which lies achaise longue, Louis XV style, and a canvas on an easel; and the dining room with octagonal table and chairs, Louis XV style upholstered with velvet chocolate. Bethlehem Maroto gave prominence to the curves for faster movement, creating a more sensual sense of space, as if all revolve around the classroom column lines. And also, the curved wall of the dining room, with a canvas Jorge Estevez, that adds a sophisticated character
But “when you enter the kitchen awaits us another pleasant surprise”: an atmosphere of Victorian furniture and moldings off-white, decorated with checkerboard marble floor and wallpaper, in true English style.
The touch of fantasy appears again in the master bedroom, a large suite with dressing room and bathroom, canopy bed oriental style and deco lamp. Again, as in the rest of the house, the curtains have such generous fall that brings distinction and wraps them in a magical aura.


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