Sweet Treat

Nutella Brownie Fruit Pizza A sweet delight today for all of you chocolate lovers from “The Recipe Rebel“. This Nutella Brownie Fruit Pizza is simply a  a chocolate brownie pizza, with Nutella cream cheese sauce and chocolate drizzle.  All that chocolate is refreshingly balanced out with a plethora of fresh berries, perfect right? You can find the […]

Chocolate Zucchini Layer Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Layer Cake with Matcha Cream Cheese frosting {gluten-free}   from: Bojon Gourmet “Cake usually doesn’t have much in the way of nutritional value.    But this cake has a whole pound of zucchini in it, and loads of whole grain sorghum flour, so it’s basically health food. “ “Cake tends to be dry and […]

Rose Cupcakes

White Chocolate Rose Cupcakes White chocolate-studded vanilla cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream piped roses from Linda Lomelino’s new book, “My Sweet Kitchen”.   These are simply divine ! via: RECIPE HERE:  

Chocolate matters.

Chocolate Lovers Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse Cake via:halfbakedharvest Chocolate lovers…this one is for you! “There really are no words for this cake other than incredible.”   “The base is like a brownie, the center is the silkiest, creamiest, chocolate mousse, and the top is pure chocolate heaven. “   “And as if all that wasn’t […]

Pretty. Pink. CAKE!

A delightful and beautiful treat to share today from “SUGURETAL”,  it’s a bundt cake called “CRANBERRY SWIRL CAKE”.     SUGURETAL: “I was glad that I made the cake because it was delicious.  The tangy sweet sauce made it a delight to eat.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frosted bundt cake. Why not…I thought […]

A chocolate delight.

PISTACHIO CHOCOLATE KREMBOS from: “My Name Is Yeh” Now who doesn’t love dessert? These chocolate treats look simply wonderful! And oh so pretty… You can find the Recipe here: “My Name Is Yeh”

ooooh, sweet treat!

Oatmeal Cookie Tarts with Vanilla Bean Cream Filling from Edible Perspective Edible Perspective: “This is the first cookie I’ve made so far this winter and it’s not even 100% a cookie! How is this possible!? I’m pretty sure next week is going to be filled with endless stacks of cookies, sugar coated counters, and an oven […]

Waffle Heaven

“BLUEBERRY BANANA ALMOND OAT FLOUR WAFFFLES” from:  BROMA BAKERY   BROMA BAKERY: “A powerhouse of flavor, these Blueberry Banana Almond Oat Flour Waffles are delicious AND nutritious.”   “This may be my favorite Broma shoot to date. I’m not going to lie… I’m obsessed with how these Blueberry Banana Almond Oat Flour Waffles turned out. […]