I came across these wristwatches today and thought they were pretty spectacular.

They are artful, colorful, beautiful and creative – AND – the are made from Murano Venetian glass – wow, right? 

The YUNIK wristwatches have combined Murano Venetian glass with Swiss watchmaking technology.

I find them so delightful, artful and whimsical… and in this day and age of cell phone technology – I have gotten away from wearing wristwatches, but I actually do miss wearing them. Especially since I am always misplacing my phone.

For nearly 700 years, this art of glassware was jealously guarded on the island of Murano, in the lagoon of Venice. 

Its manufacture remains one of the las secrets of the world of craftsmanship. 

Murano glass seduces with its shimmering colors and high quality. 

Known primarily as vases, lamps and other colored bowls, it was a great success in the 1950s and 1960s.

However, this ancestral art has been somewhat forgoten in recent decades, under the effect of cheap imitations from the Far East that have tarnished the image of Murano glass.

Today, Venetian glass is back

Thanks to the vintage and retro trends, not forgetting the growing importance given to small crafts. The launch of the YUNIK wristwatch contributes to this renewal.

Each case is a unique piece made of Murano glass with a high quality Swiss quartz movement. 

The result of the elegance of Italian glassware combined with the precision of Swiss watchmaking technology, the YUNIK wristwatch is unlike any other. 

It impresses with its wide variety of colors and patterns: sometimes variegated with the traditional technique of millefiori, sometimes sober black and white using other techniques.

The bottom is antiallergic stainless steel. 

As for the bracelet with a pin buckle, it is made of Italian calfskin. 

A vegan version is available on request. The battery movement has an autonomy of 7 years. 

YUNIK watches resist splashing water and are distinguished by their resistance despite the presence of glass.


A true icon of Venetian glassmaking culture, Murano glass is special in that every piece is unique. 

Its shimmering colours and unstructured curves are created according to traditional craftsmanship, the secrets of which are still ercely guarded today by master glassmakers. 


This ancestral expertise earned its Venetian artisans a strong reputation for excellence from the 13th century. 

To this day, it still takes many years to learn the craft and at least a decade of experience to claim the title of master. 

The technique involves mixing natural raw materials such as quartz sand, limestone, potassium carbonate and clay. 

Artisans must also learn the melting points required to obtain the unique shades of Murano glass. Not forgetting the key ingredient  – their artistic talent, as art serves to enhance their expertise.

YUNIK, a world watchmaking innovation in an ephemeral shop in Berne, and combines Murano Venetian glass with Swiss watch technology.


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