Home Sweet Home: California Chic and Glamorous with Anine Bing


Today a peek inside the California home of LA-based fashion designer, Anine Bing.
Photographer: Jenna Peffley 
Source: Domaine Home


“It swept over us as soon as we opened the wrought-iron gate. 
The delightfully heady scent of roses wafted down the steps of Anine Bing’s Spanish-style home willing us along like the pied piper, and for a moment, we were transported to a secret garden brimming with flowers of Alice in Wonderland proportions. 
Yes, that’s the overwhelming impact scent can have on your olfactory system, and this visceral reaction is why the iconic Danish-born, Los Angeles–based fashion designer and mother of two (Bianca, 6, and Benjamin, 4) created her own perfume and candle inspired by the woody perennial. 
After a momentary sensory lapse, we reached the wooden arched door where Bing greets us with a friendly smile and a warm embrace. We’re home. Or at least it feels that way.”

“We step inside the stunning family home and gasp with adoration and envy. 
This is Scandinavian minimalism at its finest, complete with a designer dollop of curated vintage and a touch of that California bohemia we all know and love.”

“I wanted the house to have a homey vibe and feel inviting for family and friends,” she tells us. “That was most important to me: to create a welcoming environment and to make sure guests feel super comfortable in the space.” 

As we continue our walking tour, Bing explains why they decided against an interior designer in favor of decorating the space themselves. 

“I hate when a house feels overly polished, overdone, or too perfect,” she says nonchalantly. 

“By doing it ourselves without an outside expert, it just feels like a real home with real things. 

And things we actually use that aren’t just there for show.

Chic, relaxed, and effortless—the same successful formula that embodies her eponymous (and wildly popular) clothing line. “It finally feels so right and so cozy—it’s like our little oasis,” she adds. 

“We saw so many homes and looked for about a year to find the right one. 

This is by far the most at-home I’ve felt here in L.A. It feels more special than previous houses we’ve lived in. 
I’ll have meetings at my house sometimes with the team, and they literally 
never want to leave, so we must be doing something right.”





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