Wedding Wonderful: Sassy and Sweet!

Sharing to a simply fabulous wedding photographed wonderfully by Samm Blake.

The wedding takes place at the Brooklyn Winery  – a boutique urban winery set in the heart of Williamsburg, one of the borough’s most vibrant and creative neighborhoods.
The setting, the style and the players all come together to create an original, colorful and simply spectacular wedding event.
photography by: Samm Blake
I love everything about this one.
From the bride’s gown – just wow wow wonderful! 
A navy halter gown with white stars– so sassy so chic, just so perfect.
The florals- breathtaking.
The ambiance – sublime.
The happy couple- you can feel their love and joy right through the images.
Sensational photography, beautiful wedding.
I think this is what a wedding should be. 
It tells the unique and individual love story of the couple, bravo, beyond well done Ali and Mark.

The dress…. ahhhh yes.


Bride and Groom piñatas.



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