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Maddie & Nat married in her parents’ stunning backyard under a clear tent filled with twinkly lights and candles (how romantic is that!), and chose details that are utterly timeless. A stand out? 
The organic, dramatic florals with a major focus on wild greenery.
You think Maddie’s bouquet is gorgeous? Just wait until you see the overhead arrangements at the reception! 
Every detail of this celebration is so beautifully put together you will just want to dive straight on into the images!

The Gown
Maddie’s beautifully fitted REEM ACRA gown is the perfect choice for the day she and Nat envisaged.
It’s relaxed and elegant, with the subtle beaded botanical details reflecting the focus on nature they so wanted.

The Setting
Our wedding took place at my parents’ home in Potomac, Maryland. It obviously holds a lot of meaning for us as a couple and we loved the idea of getting to relive that day every time we’re back to visit. I’d always dreamed of getting married there, but once Nat and I got engaged and started researching all that goes into hosting a backyard wedding, we were a bit intimidated and almost backed down from the idea.
 Fortunately, we found the amazing Arney Walker at PINEAPPLE PRODUCTIONS, a company that happens to specialize in outdoor weddings at private homes and historic venues. We knew from the start that we were in capable hands, and partnering with someone who’s an expert in the logistics of outdoor weddings (and all that go with them – tents, generators, restroom trailers, etc.) allowed us to focus on the more creative aspects.

The Reception
It felt like an intimate dinner party with all our best friends and dearest family members in one place. Everything flowed so smoothly. We served dinner family­-style, which is something we felt very strongly about from the get-­go. Having a less structured approach to service made the whole evening more relaxed and let our guests mill around the tent, meet new people, and take photos.

BEEHIVE EVENTS did our florals, including gorgeous hanging installations that made a big impact as soon as you walked into the tent. 
This was an idea that came late in the game, because of our decision to go family­-style, which leaves very little room for décor on the tabletops. BEEHIVE EVENTS also brought in some gorgeous custom ­made furniture, like a copper top bar and navy mohair field benches, which gave the whole space a refined yet homey vibe.

There was a lot of natural, organic beauty to play off of and we loved the idea of hosting a sort of ‘black tie garden party’. We felt like the occasion called for some formality and elegance but ultimately wanted to keep things low­-key and understated.

Signature Cocktail
We served negronis (our favorite classic cocktail) and something called a “Happy Hemingway,” which is essentially a Hemingway daiquiri crossed with a French 75: grapefruit, light rum, maraschino liqueur, angostura bitters and champagne.




The Cake
Our wedding cake was a mille crepes cake from LADY M CONFECTIONS in New York, in three flavors: green tea, coconut, and vanilla. Looks simple on the outside, but it’s outrageously delicious. A family friend also made us traditional Hungarian dobos torta as the groom’s cake, and our caterer made madeleines (my namesake cookie), ginger crème brulée and brownies.



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