Untamed Petals

Sharing today a really lovely Bridal Accessory shop called “Untamed Petals“.

Founded in 2009 by Amanda Judge, Untamed Petals specializes in crafting high-quality, timeless bridal and special occasion accessories.

You will find all sorts of lovely, delicate and sparkling delights perfect for your wedding day or any fancy event.

Pearl Pins

I really love the hair sparkles and headpieces. Embellished with glitter, pearls and crystals… her creations are unique and simply exquisite.

Proxy Bobbies

Savannah Headpiece

Rosie Vine


Romantic Photo Shoot by Untamed Petals

“Harlow Vine”

“Horizon Comb”


“Geranium Earring”

Paradise Earring

Rain Vine

Tatum Earring in Rose Gold

For these and more beautiful pieces visit Amada’s Shop at:

Instagram: Untamed Petals



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