That Shabby Charm

There’s nothing quite like that vintage, rustic shabby charm.

Josephine Ryan Antiques

 Handcrafted Shirt Collars by  “Gentlework”

Patina Farm

Grand Moulin

Kotomi Flickr

Wonderful Old Velvet Dressed Rabbit

The Cat Lady Antiques

Rose Garden, Hyde Park

Kotomi, flickr

“Forrage” pop-up exhibition @ Josephine Ryan Antiques

‘She wears her words’ from “Gentlework”

She lives in a drawer covered with the title pages from vintage books. Her paper and lace skirt is made from words and she also wears them in her hair. She has a little stock of vintage books with her as she never likes to be without some reading matter….

Orange Square, London

Time Passes

by Virginia Wolfe

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