Style and Chic

“Chic rarely bothers to leave the Rue De Faubourg Saint-Honore.” 
― Tyne O’Connell
via: the style press
Stefo Rotolo, Studio 2021 ft the Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini
Helmut Lang
Source: daintyus
Gilles Pouchele Photography
Source: gillespouchele-poeticfooding
La Collection SS21
Source: daintyus
via: the style press
Source: daintyus
Recycled cashmere | ENVELOPE1976 via celineaagaard_
Source: daintyus
Wassily Spaghetti by Marcel Breuer
IG: fannyamandanilsson
“They [best dressed women] don’t want to look like their daughters. 
They want their own individual brand of chic. […] 
The cut and fit must be exactly right, and they are willing to spend hours in the fitting room to make sure of it. 
They spend money, too. 
But if any one of them went broke tomorrow she’d rather choose one perfectly cut expensive dress and make it do for years than buy a dozen cheap ones.” 
― Joan Crawford, My Way of Life

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