Seaside Retreat: White and Wonderful

A home with spirit ROBINSON 
“With idyllic views over the Mediterranean , this small shelter from the Italian coast surprises us with an interior design dream where white and attention to detail is everywhere . “
Photography: HUMBERT & POYET
“Located on the Italian Riviera between Bordighera and San Remo , this small beach retreat is a dream. And not only for its idyllic views over the Mediterranean , but also for its interior design where every detail counts. “
“The relationship of this cabin with the sea is extraordinary and is felt in each of its corners, in all scenes of everyday vita .
White is everywhere . And not by chance. “
“Designers pushed for whiteness because it enhances the light and colors of nature , the beautiful coast in which it is located.
 The white paint frames the windows as if they were paintings, works of art.”

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