Rustic Country Getaway: Camellas-Lloret, France

Fabulous country photography to share today from Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio Photography.
A charming five bedroom, 18th-century bed and breakfast located in Cathare village of Montréal, France.
“Taking a break from Provence’s summer heat, I wanted some time to explore the Languedoc region in the South of France alongside the Pyrenees Mountains. “
“What I found was a perfect little five bedroom- 18th-century bed and breakfast located in Cathare village of Montréal called Camellas-Lloret. “
“It was so wonderful one day I didn’t even leave at all, just lounging in the communal living room, having rosé in the walled garden, soaking in my clawfoot tub, napping under a linen canopy.”
” It was beautiful, peaceful, spacious… so wonderful I even stayed an extra night.”
“This place is the perfect example of French unrefined elegance. 
White washed walls, a play on textures, linen sofas, uneven terra-cotta tiles, antique sculptures next to modern photography art, stone fountains overgrown with ivy, with every door and window open letting the outside in and inside out.”
 “This place is the vision of Annie and Colin Moore, an American and a South African who fell in love on an overnight train from Paris to Rome and years later still dream and play with one another. “
Annie is one of those women who seems to be good at everything.
 Interior design, making clothing, creating the linen canopy you’ll see in photos below, making photographs, social media, and cooking. My god cooking. 
She was almost always in the kitchen. 
The “breakfast” part of bed and breakfast turned into two more home cooked meals for dinner and some plum cake for the road. I couldn’t help myself. 
Colin sent us off each day with a hand drawn map of the day’s destinations, to the perfect brewery, farm stand, castles, and restaurants. 
I felt so taken care of, it was hard to leave….

photography: Ann Street Studio

visit: Camellas-Lloret

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