Rustic CHIC

It’s glamorous, it’s chic, a little rustic, a lot fabulous. Love the look, the feel… you will too.


Ultra chic bathroom and what a dynamic floor. A great contrast to the wooden paneled tub.






A great design by Michael Delpiero. I especially love the white, textured molding on the walls.




Barloga Studios photography now showcased at FABLE + FLAME


Roy Barloga created Barloga Studios in the mid 90’s. He specializes in infrared photographs, focusing on utilizing both modern printing technologies and traditional photographic techniques to create prints

on a variety of “unphotographic” substrates. Here, handmade papers have been used to enhance the subject matter. Created from the bark of the Daphne plant by women’s cooperatives in Nepal, these papers are completely handmade using local, raw materials and ancient skills. Each photograph has been titled and hand-signed by the artist








Rodolphe by ibride atelier de créations





Dante by ibride atelier de créations


Glamorous daybed.






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