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Sharing today a fabulous Etsy Shop called Trouvais.

Louis XVI era, 18th c French silk shoes with pink ruffled front. Cream leather heels, leather interior. One of the most charming aspect of 18th c ladies shoes, besides the frivolity of utilizing delicate silk, were the unusual heel designs.
They do have signs of wear (zoom to inspect up close), but are a charming and lovely, and very, very rare, remnant from a the late 1700’s France. The pink ruffled trim is exceptionally pretty and pert.
Shop Owner Trish Allen has exquisite and rare textile finds that are breathtaking.

Etsy Shop Owner: Trouvais
“I am an ardent collector of rare 18th c costume and textiles, It’s amazing how well these pieces of personal history have managed to drift down through the centuries…giving us a window into the colors and textures behind the history books. 
Amazingly bright colors, deft hand work, A story in itself that along the way they were protected, and treasured. 
Outlasting pieces made a century later, so pure was their process. 
Most pieces offered come from my personal collection.”

The fabric above is a French 18th c “chine a la branche” floral ikat imberline (silk/linen) panel, and 18th c or earlier Italian silk and metallic embroidery couched onto velvet.




A child’s 18th c gold embroidered satin cap with tassel and silk ties. French origin. Lined in hand loomed linen. Entirely hand stitched and hand embroidered. The applied gold paillettes (sequins) swirl around an elaborate design embellished with mirrored pieces, bordered with gold cording. 
There is the most charming tiny glimpse into the lining between silk and linen where a French printed paper is used as underlining to stiffen the cap. Original ribbons at back.



The silk above was part of a deconstructed gown…10 full selvedge to selvedge 42 inch long panels (and two half panels) of beautiful brocaded French silk taffeta


18th century silk textiles

Etsy Shop:Trouvais





French Attic Style~ Antique Textiles



18th century silks

Long, beautifully and entirely hand-embroidered 18th century silk panel. Possibly from a late 18th century court gown. Or part of a set of bed hangings. Cornucopia…horns of plenty…are embroidered in gold thread in mirror image along the length of this full length rare vibrant mustard yellow colored 18th century taffeta panel.
To see more of her stunning collection visit her shop here:
Etsy Shop:Trouvais



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