Poolside Pretty

Summertime is pool time, and no place like home to make your backyard retreat shine and sparkle in the sun. 

Here are some wet and wonderful pool side delights to inspire your own aqua oasis.

Surrounded by tall trees and manicured hedges, this poolside feels like a true oasis. 
Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Pretty in Pink – love it!

Traditional Home

Find umbrellas that have great shape and color like my pink parasols from Gordondunning.com to give your backyard a more upscale look. 
My flirty pink umbrellas are unique and fun, and they offer an escape from the rays if you want to keep your porcelain skin healthy and happy.


A wisteria-covered pergola, accented with a chandelier and upholstered chairs, creates an elegant outdoor living room.
 Photo by Nicole LaMotte.

Tres Chic!


This poolside boasts plenty of lounge chairs and other seating—plus an outdoor rug that helps dry off wet feet before they step into the house.

Iron furnishings, antique planters, and a manicured lawn lend this pool a decidedly Parisian feel. 
Photo by Erica George-Dines.

Traditional Home

A collection of silver orbs unexpectedly accents the surface of this pool—a high-low contrast to the cheeky pool float. 
Photo by Tony Vu.


Simply divine.

Traditional Home

Set farther back from the house, this pool features a rustic wood gazebo and a coordinating fence, taking full advantage of the property’s vast acreage. 
Photo by Lesley Unruh.




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