Passion, Dream, Strength: FOUNDRAE

Foundrae is  a New York based fine jewelry label with a whole lot of spirit and soul. 
Inspired by the female journey of life, designer Beth Bugdaycay has garnered a cult following with her signature cigar band rings and medallions – each carry significance by way of motifs, numbers, letters or words. 
Add a few mystical symbols, diamonds and enamel details and it’s no wonder her devout collectors keep coming back for more. 
“I’m very inspired in my designs to share a language of iconic spiritual & mystical symbols that span cultures and centuries in order to illuminate the golden thread between all of us, the knowledge of which I find greatly empowering. 
I see each piece as a way to help communicate more openly about how each of us got here as well as what we envision our next chapter to be, in order to inspire and to help not just ourselves, but each other & the next generation to live more fulfilling lives.”
The resulting collection is highly personal yet charged with an energy and style that’s meant to empower & to be shared. 
—Beth Bugdaycay, Creative Director & Co-founder
Foundrae Collections are titled:
Strength, Karma, Dream, Protection, Wholeness, Passion, True Love, Resilience, Course Correction and Blank Slate








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