Office Chic

A super stylish and chic office to share today from One King’s Lane.

Often our workspace is perhaps the most un-decorated- or rather most neglected room in our home.

Where it very well may be the place you actually spend the most time.

I think our productivity at times can be affected by one’s environment, so why not take the time to step back and evaluate your office space.

Little things can make a big difference.

From artwork to organization– there are many things you can do to spruce things up.

Having a “light” and airy space is often best I feel from how it affects your mood and ability to conquer the tasks at hand.

Just like the others rooms in your home- you should not limit the beautiful objects you surround yourself with. 

Place artwork and accessories amongst your office space just as your would in your bedroom.


Ridgecrest 60″ Settee, Black Velvet

The floor can be a great place to artfully organize things such as books and magazines.

Freemont 53″ Settee, Pearl

Don’t be afraid to lighten things up.

The fun of having your own office at home is that there are no real rules—you are always your own boss. So why not bring in a bar? It makes a chic setup by day, and then the transition to cocktail hour is a snap.

Remember — your office – workspace is where you “create, think, imagine and inspire”… it is where you “make things happen”. So perhaps take a moment and look around. A few small changes can actually yield big results.


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