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I’m simply adoring this exquisitely creative, unique and beautiful jewelry line from

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Mineralogy is a collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Chicago metalsmith, Theresa Cowan.

Inspired by an earth science class lecture on minerals, the collection began.

 Mineralogy creates unusual statement and heirloom quality pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of natural gems and minerals.

Traditional metalsmithing techniques are used with an assortment of metals ranging from brass, silver, 14k gold fill, and solid 14k gold.

The styles are produced in limited quantities, with each individual piece unique in its own aspects due to nature’s remarkable aberrations.

Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Ring 

Hammered Band 14k Recycled Gold

Rose Quartz Hammered Crescent Disc Necklace, Brass

Vertical Diamond Line Ring 

 14k Recycled Gold 

 Diamond Bar Ring

Double Semicircle Earrings , Brass

Grey Rectangle Rose Cut Diamond and 

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring 

14k Recycled White Gold 

One of a Kind

Wide Gold Band and  Diamond Accent 

8 x 1 mm Cigar Band


 14k Recycled Gold


Pavé Diamond Bar Necklace 


14k Gold

Solid 14k Recycled Gold ‘Numerology’ Ring


Baguette Diamond Bar Earrings 

14k Recycled Gold 


 Diamond Bar Studs 14k Gold

Champagne Diamond Dot Ring 

 14k Recycled Gold 


 Diamond Stacking Ring

Peruvian Pyrite Cube Ring

14k Gold Long Bar Studs 


 Solid 14k Recycled 


Gold Line Earrings

Bullet Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring 

 14 Recycled Gold 

 One of a Kind

Every piece of jewelry is handmade by Theresa from the conceptualizing, to the stone ordering, to the fabrication, and finally to the packaging and shipping.

* Side Note: For each piece of jewelry Mineralogy Design sells,  they plant one tree.

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ETSY SHOP: MineralogyDesign.


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