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Renting in LA: What You Need to Know 
For many people, living in LA is a dream come true. And while it is entirely true that living in LA does have its perks, if you’re not a resident of LA, it can be quite a culture shock. After all, life in LA is different than anywhere else in the world. This is, of course, part of its appeal, but it also means that you need to adequately prepare yourself. Once you know that this is where you want to settle – at least for a little bit – it’s time to start thinking about where you want to live. Living in LA isn’t cheap, which is why most people start by renting apartments. However, there are a few things you need to ask yourself so that you know what exactly you want out of your experience. Keep reading to find out what you need to know before renting in LA.
What are your needs? 
The first thing to consider is what you need out of your living space. Are you going to be living alone, or perhaps with a partner – or even a whole family? Will you be outside most of the day and just need a place to sleep, or will you spend most of your time in the apartment and therefore need more space? And of course, what type of living do you want? Are you just starting out, and therefore don’t mind a smaller space? Or do you want the luxurious lifestyle that LA is known for? If your answer is the latter, it may be helpful to check out the best luxury apartments in Downtown LA.
What is your budget? 
Living in LA generally isn’t cheap. After all, it’s a place known for being swarming with celebrities, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Of course, there are some cheap places in LA, but these often tend to be unsafe or horribly neglected. Don’t get dismayed, however. There are a few gems that are decent to live in and also affordable – you may just need to wait a bit to find the right place. It’s important to note that your budget shouldn’t just include your apartment and other necessities – you should also have enough money to deal with emergency expenses.
Where do you need to be? 
If you’re living in LA, you’re likely working. If you are, you need to make sure that whatever apartment you choose is close enough to work that you won’t need to walk far or sit in traffic for hours each day. Also be sure to check its proximity to things like hospitals or other necessities.
Will you be living alone? 
If you have a partner or a family, you’ll likely live with them. But if you don’t, you need to ask yourself whether you want to live alone, or with other people. Most people would prefer to live on their own, but unfortunately, that’s not always a possibility, especially in expensive areas like LA. You, therefore, may need to consider getting at least one roommate. If you have a close friend who lives in LA or wants to move there, you could ask them whether they would be willing to be your roommate. After all, it’s much easier to live with someone you already know. If not, you will either need to look for advertisements seeking roommates, or you will have to start looking for people to share your home with. You can also take this roommate compatibility quiz to see if you would be a good match.
What area do you want to live in? 
We’ve mentioned that LA itself seems like its own world, but there are many areas in LA, and each comes with its own vibe. So, you need to decide what type of area you’re looking for. Naturally, the first thing that you should focus on is ensuring that the area you choose to live in is safe. You can learn more about checking your neighborhood’s safety here.
Will the lifestyle suit you? 
While there may be some areas that exude a kind of peaceful quiet, most of the time, LA is incredibly busy. This is to be expected – it’s an area filled with hardworking people trying to make their dreams come true. You need to accept the fact that, if you are renting in LA, you may not have a lot of peace and quiet. Is this something you are willing to live with? As with any other area, moving will be an adjustment, so maybe try to go on vacation in LA for a week to see if it’s a lifestyle you want.

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