It’s ALL About the LIGHT: House Beautiful

Designer Julie Neill in her New Orleans home.

Chandeliers hang in nearly every room of Julie’s home.
Her love of the style extends back to one of her first commissioned pieces, which was crafted for a show house by an artisan who specialized in creating copper fountains.
“He made my first chandelier, and the rest was history,” she says.

Though she focuses on fixtures in her work, Julie loves lamps too—so much that she has a closet full of them and will swap out styles depending on the season and how she wants her home to feel.
 “To me, a lamp is just another piece of art for the room,” Julie says.
“It’s fun to change your environment around. Our life changes, and we should have the opportunity to change our lighting.”

A crystal chandelier adds whimsical elegance to Julie’s kitchen—a room Julie says should not be overlooked when it comes to statement-making lighting.

In a living/dining space, Julie paired twin chandeliers—the Audubon style from her collection—that drip with icy crystals.


An embellished ceiling medallion paired with a beaded crystal chandelier makes a striking statement in a sitting room.


Julie opted for something unexpected for her bedroom lighting, which she made by gluing feathers onto a large lampshade.

via: One Kings Lane



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