Le Vieux Castillon: Luxury in the South of France

This looks fabulous — packing my bags.
Le Vieux Castillon
Set in the medieval village of Castillo-du-Gard
Jamie Beck from Ann Street Studio:
“I feel as if I could spend years exploring just the South of France alone, each ancient hilltop town with their own special flavor and way of life. 
On the journey to experience Pont du Gard we stayed at the Le Vieux Castillon, a newly renovated hotel in a historic Renaissance setting in the heart of the medieval village Castillo-du-Gard. “
“An interesting property, the very clean and modern rooms are divided out into a maze of connected buildings, former homes from the 15th century, leaving you to discover many quiet gardens and shaded seating areas under ancient olive trees. “
“The most spectacular aspect to this boutique hotel is the pool. “
“From the highest hilltop plateau you are surrounded by endless views of the countryside dotted by vineyards below. “
It’s incredible. 
“A perfect place to watch the sunrise, to cool off in the heat of the day, or have an evening cocktail as the sky turns blue reflecting off the water. “
“While a great pool is a major perk in Provence, what you don’t expect is the very friendly hotel birds there at the front desk to greet you upon arrival. “
“I had such a good time letting them walk all over me even at the expense of having my hair chewed on.”

It’s a great place to stay if you are looking to explore Pont du Gard, Uzès, or Nîmes. Behind the cafe next to the church in town, you’ll know what I mean when you arrive, there is a great distant view of Pont du Gard. There is also a wonderful ancient stone walking path down the hill into the valley that spills out into beautiful, quiet, vineyards. 
Wonderful to explore, especially early in the morning. 
The hotel also has a chic Bistronomic restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating all tucked around Renaissance charm.

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