Just So Chic!

I’m loving the style, chicness and simplicity from the clothing line Emerson Fry.
All the looks and pieces have a clean, cool sophistication that work for just about any event or occasion.
From blouses and sweaters, to leggings and jackets… I think Emerson Fry has got it right across the board.
Everyone I think will not only look fabulous in any of these styles, but will also feel fabulous because the basis of this brand is quality and simplicity.
Turtleneck Short Dress
Having a few well made and timeless items that are interchangeable is the key here.
Think about how often you have your favorite or “go-to” fashions in your closet.
 You probably love them because they always “work”. 
They feel good, fit right and are well made. 
Emerson Fry exemplifies just this.
I seriously would every piece in their collection.
Zip Platform Boot
This is so clean and chic , the Edie Turtleneck Dress in ivory – simply adore it


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