Inside a Glam Home on the Hudson

Interior designer Sasha Bikoff proves that “glam” is a style that works well beyond the hills of Hollywood and the duplexes of Park Avenue. 

For a recent project in New York’s Hudson Valley she was tasked with transforming a traditional retreat into a modern home with glamorous appeal. 

“The setting itself isn’t glamorous at all,” says Sasha, “so the whole challenge was taking my client’s edgier taste and making it work in such an idyllic place.” 

A live-edge console, a pebble-printed rug, and a table of petrified wood are just a few examples of how she brought the outdoors in while upholding a sense of cosmopolitan chic. 

In the living room, a double-height ceiling and a wall of windows called for pieces with a bit of drama. 

An oversize Edward Fields rug printed to resemble a pebbled riverbed anchors coffee tables made of molten lava and a structured sectional. 

“Fur [real or faux] is an easy way to bring an element of nature into any room,” says Sasha, which is why she chose two chairs upholstered in Mongolian sheepskin and a silver-fox throw to drape over the Milo Baughman chaise.

The foyer hosts a petite console table backed by a floor-length mirror constructed of antiqued glass. “The vignette has a bit of an Old World feel that works well in a countryside setting,” Sasha notes. Quartz sconces continue the glam theme while referencing the geology of the surrounding area.

A marble-and-chrome bar by Brueton merges a man-made metal with an earthy element. 

Above, six brass-head sculptures with a slight patina offer a high-style touch with a subtle sensibility. Sasha was careful not to overpower the space with too much polish. “We didn’t want it to be too sleek,” she says, so it was important to counterbalance anything burnished with something less lustrous.

In the game room, a green marble table surrounded by vintage chairs upholstered in Gaultier fabric add edge and whimsy. 

Cerulean walls might seem a contemporary choice, but the blue hue is actually “a classic color inspired by traditional Americana,” Sasha says. 

A message so subtle it’s almost subliminal, the color is yet another example of how to temper a glamorous space with a reference to something old in a sea of things new.

Set just off an open-plan kitchen, the dining space features a table topped with an Indonesian walnut slab surrounded by chairs in woven leather. 

To the left, a pedestal constructed of untreated wood hosts a pink marble sculpture. “The tones of all the pieces reflect those you’d find outside,” notes Sasha, “and add a feeling of warmth to the whole room.”

Upstairs, the master bedroom’s neutral palette, similar to that of a birch tree, creates a calm space perfect for rest and relaxation. 

On the walls, raffia wallpaper from Ralph Lauren adds texture and depth without detracting from the room’s statement pieces.

In the guest room, Matouk bedding was paired with a shag rug and a petrified-wood table for a laid-back look with a woodsy vibe. 

Sculptural nightstands elevate the setup with an industrial quality—the kind one might associate with a downtown New York loft.

The designer, Sasha Bikoff.

Sasha’s Tips

– You may want a glam look, but if your home, like this one, is in the country, doing everything in Lucite, fur, and chrome might leave you and your abode feeling a bit out of place. Instead, temper a mix of all things luxe with organic touches such as unfinished wood, natural stone, and woven leather.


– Look for pieces that take inspiration from nature. Even if they’re man-made, they can still reference the outdoors through pattern, color, and texture.


– Consider white walls. Simple and clean, they’ll create a gallerylike effect and a cosmopolitan vibe.




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