Samuel Beckett, Paris 1979

photography: Richard Avedon

“The long blue days, for his head, for his side, and the little paths for his feet, and all the brightness to touch and gather. Through the grass the little mosspaths, bony with old roots, and the trees sticking up, and the flowers sticking up, and the fruit hanging down, and the white exhausted butterflies, and the birds never the same darting all day long into hiding. And all the sounds, meaning nothing. Then at night rest in the quiet house, there are no roads, no streets any more, you lie down by a window opening on refuge, the little sounds come that demand nothing, ordain nothing, explain nothing, propound nothing, and the short necessary night is soon ended, and the sky blue again all over the secret places where nobody ever comes, the secret places never the same, but always simple and indifferent, always mere places, sites of a stirring beyond coming and going, of a being so light and free that it is as the being of nothing.“ Samuel Beckett, “Watt” 1943

Leonard Mccombe :: Arthur Langton floating a model ship in Central Park, NYC, June 20, 1961. For Life magazine. / src: Time-Life

Frederico Garcia Lorca

Patek Phillipe


An Albanian auxiliary in January 1916, part of the “Albanian Legion” raised by the Austro-Hungarian Army to fight for the Dual Monarchy.

Hugo Boss

Kelly Rippy for GQ Italia, September 2018, photographed by Guy Aroch

Frederico Garcia Lorca

Jim Clark Lotus 49 1967


Red Wing 2951 Rover Boot

America’s Cup Racers

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