House Beautiful: Neutral Elegance, Atlanta Style

Inside the home of Interior Designer Suzanne Kasler’s Atlanta Home


Lucite tables, antique Swedish chairs, and a French Moderne-style coffee table form an asymmetrical yet balanced arrangement in the living room.

Beautiful photos to share today of interior designer “Suzanne Kasler’s” Atlanta residence.

 Regency-style glamour is evident throughout her home. 

Refined yet welcoming,  Kasler has incorporated pieces she has collected from travel over the years.

Throughout the home, a restrained palette unifies a mix of styles and eras. 

“That’s my biggest thing about houses. I love things to be really comfortable—and they can still be beautiful.”
— Suzanne Kasler

Touches of gold are woven throughout Suzanne’s bedroom, from the detail on the bed to the base of the table lamp to the ornate frame of the upholstered bench.

In the master bath, an antique Russian bench and a bronze-doré table add patina to the clean white surroundings.

“Houses just feel much better as they get lived in. That’s really what we all want—for people to live in all the rooms of a home.”
— Suzanne Kasler

“I love having a house that interacts with the outdoors,” Suzanne says. On the terrace, the furniture’s strong lines play nicely off the sunburst mirror and round boxwood hedges.
“You really feel so connected to the outside—like the outdoor space is a kind of room.”
— Suzanne Kasler

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