House Beautiful: Accent RED

Red so wonderful— a whole lot of interior and art inspiration today– all with the color RED.

Reception Room

“Think of red like a spice—use it wisely and in good measure, and it will bring zip to your life.”

 — Alessandra Branca


Manolo Valdés (Spanish, b. 1942), Claudette sentada [Claudette sitting], 2009. 

Oil on burlap, 79 x 59 in.

Photo by Simon Upton/Interior Archive

Édouard Vuillard (French, 1868-1940), Madame Vuillard écossant dans la salle à manger 

Madame Vuillard shelling in the dining room, 1902. 

Oil on board, 51.8 x 68.3 cm.

Photo by Tony Vu

Designer: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Reception hall in a Colonial Revival house in Locust Valley, NY.

Augusto Giacometti (Swiss, 1877-1947), Rosen, 1928. 

Oil on canvas, 27 x 29.5 cm.

Les Frères Allot from France

Michaël Borremans (Belgian, b. 1963), Lakei [Lackey], 2010.

 Oil on canvas, 42 x 36 cm

Berry Wreath


Pavel Kuznetsov (1878 – 1968)

Pushball. 1931

Canvas, oil. 187 x 142 cm

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

A small space is the perfect place to experiment with bold color. Cherry-red paint gives this window seat major impact, and extending the shade throughout the space makes it feel all the more cocooning. Take it over the top with a mix of patterns, from elegant damasks to edgy animal prints. Pull in a few comfy armchairs and a tray for beverages, and you’ll have a cozy and convivial drinks area that’s perfect for cocktails and catch-ups with friends.

Dexter Dalwood (b.1960), Diana Vreeland (2003), oil on canvas, 203.5 x 173 cm.

Heimrad Prem (German, 1934-1978), Paolo Marinotti und Ira von Fürstenberg, 1967. Oil, varnish, various materials on canvas, 180 x 120 x 10 cm.

Thanos Tsingos (Greek, 1914-1965), Red and yellow flowers on white background, 1962. 
Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm.

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