Home Sweet Home: Light and Lovely

Plenty of interior and art inspiration today — all on the light, bright and fresh side. Enjoy.

Fabulous, bright, white cabinetry- with marble top table– love it.

Photo by Lesley Unruh

Sand and Salt Floral Study no. 43 – 12 x 16″

by Marina Dunbar

details here:


White and gold dinnerware, brass pots

White, Classic, Beautiful- love the architecture.


Paul Wonner (American, 1920-2008), Man with Flower, 1962. 
Oil on canvas, 59.69 x 48.58 cm.

White sofa -love… creamy ivory walls — chic and lovely.


Gabriel Engberg (Finnish, 1872-1953), Fireweed, 1911. 
Oil on canvas, 53 x 46 cm.

Pink splash of color.

Oh so Charming this settee!
Muhgal Garden Vintage Settee

A little modern a little rustic- chic slipcovered seating with a weathered dining table.

Design by Heidi Merrick

A great coffee table display, with marble accents.

Southern Lily Red – 40 x 28″

by Marina Dunbar

details here:


Sunlight filled room — such a cozy feel, and dreamy chaise.

Such a fresh, white kitchen, with a light lavender color accent in these barstools.

Peter Kogler (Austrian, b. 1959), Ohne Titel (Ameise) [Untitled (Ant)], 2001. 
Acrylic and screenprinting on canvas, 115 × 113 cm

Oh– so perfect.


Très CHIC display of artwork and prints.

Oil on Board
36″  x   48″
see details here:

visit: artpassionzsazsabellagio

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