Home Style: It’s about BLACK

Some people are afraid to use black in their home decor.

Here are examples of just how fabulous BLACK can be.

toile 7 STRIPESBlack toile and stripes.

Bonadies Architect 8Don’t be afraid to paint your walls black, even the ceiling! This room is strong and dynamic but not gloomy… it just works.

Bonadies Architect


Black dining chairs, wall art and lighting – cool vibe.

Bonadies Architect 4

This exterior ha such a luxe look.

Bonadies Architect

2 room 50 m2 10

The black leather sofa, coffee table and framing – makes a strong statement against the white walls and chevron wood flooring.


Black walls and furniture


Love the black and white diamond pattern on the floor, subtle chic.

Bonadies Architect 7
This black and white wall paper and black dining table is the perfect backdrop for these popping green chairs and drapes.


Black home accents and artwork.

Black and white, print against print.

Bonadies Architect 3

Black exterior awning and siding.

Bonadies Architect



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