AT HOME: Accent Orange


Add a little or a lot, go bright and bold or warm and cozy. 
Orange is a beautiful and contemporary color that can help you achieve your design goals across all styles and rooms. 


The color is known to promote general wellness and can have both calming and energizing effects, making it the perfect home mood-setter.

Photo by Nicole LaMotte.

Courtesy of Dering Hall
The carrot-colored wallpaper in this children’s room has a delicate texture, making the bold color appear softer and more welcoming.

Artist, Mark Rothco

Designer: Patrick Mele

A dressing room by Rio Hamilton is as much a lesson in glamour as in color. Walls striped with lavender, peach, and cream are punctuated by portraits of dandies and debs dressed in white tie. Combine this with leopard-print carpet and you’ve got the kind of lively space that’s almost too difficult to leave.

Designer: Patrick Mele



Vimercati Luxury Classic Furniture from Italy.

Designer: Patrick Mele

Inspired by the East, designer Perry Sayles sought to explore the aesthetic line between modernity and tradition. In this corner vignette, Perry mixed an antique Chinese secretary with a midcentury chair and a sleek task lamp. Orange taffeta draperies amplify the effect of natural light and bring warmth to the cool-tone space.

And So To Bed – London from England.

Dawnridge,  Los Angeles, CA
The drawing room, featuring a chandelier blooming with Venetian glass flowers.

Photo by Tony Vu.


Photo by Nicole LaMotte.

In this earthy, neutral-toned living room, autumnal orange striped chairs elevate the space without feeling out of place. Design by Taylor & Taylor.

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