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Tape-Ins Vs. Clip-Ins 
Are you someone who’s thinking about wearing hair extensions but don’t know which one to pick? 
To start, learning more about them can help you make the educated decision you need. The most popular hair extensions are clip-ins and tape-ins, and while their differences might not be apparent at first, each type has its benefits. 
Tape-in hair extensions are a great way to achieve a long, voluminous hairstyle without putting in much effort. But if you can’t take the hassle of styling your hair regularly, then you should opt for clip-in extensions. 
But the question still stands, which one is better? And more specifically, which one should you pick? Here’s some important information you should consider if you can’t decide between the two. 
What is the Difference? 
Clip-in hair extensions have been around for as long as people can remember, and though to some people they might appear old-fashioned, they’ve seemed to be coming back into style recently. Clip-ins are typically artificial or authentic hair extensions with wig clips added to the weft base. 
On the other hand, tape-ins are a relatively newer hair extension technique that uses an adhesive, typically polyurethane tape, at the weft. Tape-in extensions are invisible, flexible, and cannot be felt when you brush through them or wash them. 
How They Work 
Tape-ins are suggested to be installed by professionals if you want the best outcome and results. Though the process may be more complex compared to clip-ins, the results of a good tape-in extension can last upto ten weeks. If you’re looking for a good set of hair, then it’s worth going to a specialist to find out more about tape In Hair extensions
The procedure starts with placing the tape under a small area of your hair root. The tape is then used to attach the extension. The tape can be double-sided or single-sided and is melted at the base of the wefts. 
It’s a one-time deal, which means you won’t have to remove or apply them each day. 
It works more like an actual extension of your hair than most other traditional sew-ins and is safe for moving around excessively, swimming, sleeping, and even showering. 
They are typically made with real hair and can be dyed, washed, or cut as such. 
It is the least damaging option when it comes to long-term or permanent hair extension options. 
How They Work 
Ordinary people more generally use Clip-ins for everyday activities and outgoings since they are much easier to put on. You can not only fit them yourself at home, but you can also make your own extension pieces with strands of yours or someone else’s hair if you want. 
Clip extensions can be made with any type of hair and by anyone without spending much money on materials. So, if it’s a battle for convenience, then clip-ins surely win by a landslide. 
It’s a relatively effortless and affordable way to add an extra layer of glamour to your hair. 
It doesn’t need to be installed by a professional to look good and is easily removable at any time. 
It Ensures no damage to your natural hair. 
It Offers greater versatility, volume, and comfort to your head. 
The installation doesn’t take much time, and the extension can be adjusted once installed.

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