Glorious Green

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Notting Hill Brasserie

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“Browns seek knowledge, Blues meddle in causes, and Whites consider the questions of truth with implacable logic. 
We all do some of it all, of course. But to be Green means to stand ready. 
n the Trolloc Wars, we were often called the Battle Ajah. 
All Aes Sedai helped where and when they could, but the Green Ajah alone was always with the armies, in almost every battle. 
We were the counter to the dread lords. 
The Battle Ajah. 
And now we stand ready, for the Trollocs to come south again, for Tarmon Gai’don. the Last Battle. 
We will be there. 
That is what it means to be Green. -Alanna”
― Robert Jordan

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Spring Boxwood wreath with white Tea Leaf flowers…..

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31st between Q and R (at Washington, District of Columbia)

Photo by Tony Vu

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Chateau du Bresson, France

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez

Photo by Lesley Unruh

“Perette Lemon” by Pancrace Bessa, 1836.

Photo by Seth Caplan

Photo by Lesley Unruh

Photo by Jessica Sample

“In my dreams and visions, I seemed to see a line, and on the other side of that line were green fields, and lovely flowers, and beautiful white ladies, who stretched out their arms to me over the line, but I couldn’t reach them no-how. 
I always fell before I got to the line.”
Harriet Tubman



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