French Mansion in Lyon

French Mansion in Lyon
Photography: Felix Forest / Living Inside
A classic 19th-century apartment in Lyon, France, has been thoroughly renovated, where old details have been preserved and restored by savvy hands. The woman who lives here has wanted to preserve the historical features of the property, but at the same time has sought an interior design that could make the place a relaxed functional framework for an almost everyday life. 

The balance is created by combining sleek lines and sumptuous materials in an elegant interior that adorns with relaxed luxury. Behind the decor is the French interior duo Maison Hand, who runs an interior shop elsewhere in Lyon, where they sell specially selected furniture, textiles and home accessories from around the world. 

They have worked with architect Michel Bessoud to create the perfect home.

The long dining table works most days as a console table, with elegant settings creating a lot of atmosphere, despite the hostile expression of the apartment, it rarely constitutes the framework for larger companies. 
The chairs are Hans J. Wegner’s Y chairs, while the elegant glass lamp in the corner is designed by Sebastian Herkner.
Photo: Felix Forest / Living Inside
Over a beautiful sideboard combining dark wood with light marble, a two-arm serpent Mouille lamp is designed in the 1950s.
 It is as sculptural as the art and pottery in modern African style on the sideboard.
In a small TV room, both walls and ceilings are painted dark gray, creating the feeling of cave. 
Fresh flowers in large glass vases add color and spontaneity, which throughout the apartment gives a conscious homelikeness, while the repetition of Serge Mouille’s lamp design creates coherence.
As it happens in major military-friendly apartments, each living room has its own function, and no room must work for review.
 In the living room with the fireplace, the family can relax in a lounge chair from Gervasoni.
The bedroom is large and bright and has access to a huge terrace. 
The bed is rich with delicious fabrics that give soft contrast to the white painted, almost graphic panels. 
Notice how the small bedside table mimics the cross pattern in the old parquet floor.
On a daily basis, the family eats at the tungsten marble table, where matching vases and bowls create a cool effect. 
The distinctive lamp above the dining area is from the Italian design house Henge.
The dining kitchen, created by laying the old kitchen together with the dining room, is carved in dark wood and put together with both dark and bright marble.
 The idea has been to create a nice piece of furniture rather than a sense of cuisine. 
Note the golden luminaire that adds warmth and elegance.

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