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Things to Consider Before Having a Design Meeting for Your Engagement Ring
Since your queen is not like any other person across the globe, you need to treat her with her uniqueness. The days are past when you were looking for those already-made and well-designed engagement rings on the jewelry showroom. Nowadays, you have to customize your own design if at all you really value the uniqueness of your fiancée.
You need to schedule an appointment with a designing expert who will take you through the entire process and finally come up with a well-customized engagement ring for your cute fiancée. Over the internet, you will see many diamond designers who claim to be experts, but only doing some more research can help you out.
Even when you get experienced designers like Randor wholesalers, you need to be prepared before having a consultation with them. Here are some of the ways you can prepare your mind with:
1. By carrying out a research 
Well, you may be a novice when it comes to diamond matters, but there is a whole lot of information on the internet.
Besides, websites like Randor’s are well-equipped with information about diamond engagement rings and general information about diamonds. This will enable you to know the terms, designs and other information the designer will present to you. You will also be in a position to ask relevant questions.
2. Having a vision in mind 
Having a vision and the image of what you want. You need something that displays your love as lovers and simply communicates how unique your girl is. Take your time looking for designs in those magazines and Pinterest pins. When you have envisaged what you want, you can now let the designer know your taste and preference for your fiancée.
3. Playing within your budget 
Diamond is not some you collect on the market at a giveaway price. It’s like an investment you are doing on your fiancée demonstrating your love for her. Come up with how much you want to invest at Randor will help you balance between the 4Cs of determining diamond value: cut, clarity, carat, and color.
4. Be patient 
After choosing the right design you want and the designer understands it, you need to give them enough time to plan and bring the exact copy and design of what you wanted. Some companies take up to months. Nevertheless, the designer should let you know how long you will wait for your diamond engagement ring.
5. Look for certified wholesaler 
In order to avoid the stress and worries of whether the design is going on, you need to choose a designer whom you can trust. Having that great wholesaler like Randor will give you the assurance that the engagement ring will be made the way you wanted.
ConclusionYour diamond engagement ring doesn’t have to look like that of your friend. You can have your own unique design if only you get the right designer. Doing a little research for certified and licensed diamond dealers can help you get the best engagement ring of your dream. Of course, your unique fiancée deserves it.



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