Numéro Russia
Photography: Benjamin Kanarek
It is the year 2038, on the Deep Space Ship “Encounter 053″en route to the Star System Zeta Reticuli on a Fashion Space Odyssey with Captain Alexis Kapaun. 
She has just come out of suspended animation to find that the crew has mysteriously disappeared.
 In checking her log bookNuméro 053, she has noted that all of the crew members were already in their suspended state when she entered her cocoon. So what happened?
She is perplexed and starts to do an inventory of the ship’s log and surveils the surroundings to determine if anything out of the ordinary has occurred. 
In the last moments, before radio communications are temporarily lost, Captain Alexis is thrown out of kilter when the engine room alarm sounds and all visual communications are cut off…or were they?

 Did the Space Ship explode, is there an interloper or worse, is there an alien presence in her midst or within her? Stay tuned… For more Fashion Fantasies.

Photography: Benjamin Kanarek



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