Embroidery-Photographic Art

Iris Apfel Portrait

This is pretty of cool: “Embroidered Vintage Photos That Give Them 3D Effect”

Textile artist from Mexico, Victoria Villasana’s photographic series brings in new dimensions to vintage portraits as they are etched with colorful threads.

She adds vibrant colors to the otherwise black and white photographs of iconic figures like Madonna, Queen Elizabeth, Firda Kahlo, Prince and many more, thus evoking a since of fun and whimsy.


 Victoria Villasana is an artist who is fascinated by cultures, societal norms and the human spirit.

She loves looking at how people relate to each other in a fragmented, post-digital world, and this quirky series is perhaps her own personal tribute to strong believers of feminism.

To see more of her work visit her site here:

 Victoria Villasana

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