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The Art of Ian Fisher

The works of Ian Fisher, Canadian-born 30-year-old painter, are focused exclusively on the representation of blue – and all the shades of colors that the clouds are changing in their lives.

“Why I chose to focus on the sky? Because it is so beautiful! “responds candidly Ian to Paola Paleari’s first and perhaps obvious question. “The clouds are mysterious elements in constant change. Continually alter their essence and, nevertheless, remain themselves. Heaven is the realm of chaos, but obeys a very precise rules. It is not glamorous? ”

Ismo Hölttö, Old man with cat, Skibotten, 1967.

Drawing by Henri Matisse 

Sabine Weiss, Jeune Orthodoxe, Sophia, 1993.


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The Art of Ian Fisher

Georgina Graham, Woodstock in the rain, 1969.

Gabriel Lester, Melancholia in Arcadia, 2015.

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