Creative, Intriguing ART by Marilyn Stevens


A very special artist to share with you today, Marilyn Stevens.


“Insufficient Distance” by Marilyn Stevens

I came across the work of Artist Marilyn Stevens and had to share it with you.

Her work, her pieces are simply wonderful.

“Not Done with My Changes”
“Using traditional handwork techniques, I combine imagery, text, handmade paper and textiles in unconventional ways.”
“At first glance, one sees re-appropriation and re-use of pattern paper and dress forms.”
“Plank To Plank”
 “But further exploration of each piece reveals a multitude of layers; a host of stories, feelings and life reflections.”
“I Know You By Heart”
 The stitch, used in many of my pieces is a connection to previous generations.” 
 “Rather than a pragmatic practice, the stitch is an intentional mark, a means of expression.”


“Absence of Transparency”

“Being Her, Now”

Marilyn Stevens

A native of Nebraska, Marilyn received her BA in Journalism from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. 
 A Minneapolis resident for over twenty years, she balances her time between art and a career in the home furnishings industry. 
 Marilyn’s art ambitions started later in life after feeling a creative void for authenticity and personal expression. 

“I Am Still Here”

 After fifteen years nurturing her craft, she is an accomplished artist with juried exhibitions at the Phipps in Hudson, Wisconsin, Museum of American Art in St Paul, Minnesota and the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN. Commission work includes Forum Communications in Fargo, North Dakota and Gunkelman Flesher Interior Design in Minneapolis and New York. 
Her work has been described as elegant, intelligent and thought provoking.

“Letting Go Of The Words”

Fabulous- right?

To see more of Marilyn’s stunning work you can visit here site here:

Marilyn Stevens




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