Cool Factor

“Never assume the obvious is true.”
— William Safire, Sleeper Spy 

Tom Wood Project

Cushion Open Gold Ring with Diamonds

Tom Wood Project

John Murphy

Cancun Beach by Andrik Langfield

Tom Wood Project

Lindsey Kustusch (American, b. Warrenville, IL, USA, based San Francisco, CA, USA) – Rise Above, 2015, Paintings: Oil on Panel

CALVIN KLEIN Claire Leather Ankle Boots

Shop: StyleBop

Heidi Zito (Japanese-Italian, b. 1987, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, based Brooklyn, NYC, USA)
 Sequence Of Patience series, 2018, Painting: Oil on Canvas

Tom Wood Project

Joyce Pensato (American, 1941-2019), L’Area Donald eyes!!, 2000.
 Enamel on canvas, 194.1 x 150.1 cm.

 “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.””
— Maya Angelou

Willem de Kooning – Dark Pond (1948)

Philipp Plein Distressed Straight Leg Jeans

Shop: StyleBop

Alicia Ross (American, based Cleveland, OH, USA) – Fastener (detail) from The Distress of Uncertainty series, 2016

Tom Wood Project

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Tom Wood Project



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