Charlotte Chesnais


Soooo, so cool…. sooooo, so fabulous!
A timeless jewelry designer, Charlotte Chesnais makes ingenious pieces that flirt with both jewelry and sculpture.
Charlotte Chesnais created her first piece of jewelry whilst working alongside Nicolas Ghesquière as a fashion designer for Balenciaga, where she designed a multi-cuff that played with proportion and was conceived to be stacked.
 Midway between a jewelry classic and an inspired reworking, the bangle carried the seed of the Charlotte Chesnais brand: continuous, clean lines, an understanding of the body and a confident singularity. 
Nearly six years after that first step, she set up her own house in 2015.
“I don’t just design jewelry. My pieces are not merely earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces, I want to create beautiful objects, with lines that are fluid, dynamic, sharp and disciplined. 
Unexpected. The jewelry is a pretext, I could just as well be making chairs, tables or forks. 
As a medium, it provides extra support for my ongoing research into form and use. 
I like twisting, melting, shaping and constraining. 
I like to set the jewelry-object against the contours of the body in the same way that I like to create pieces that are always calculated to be on the edge of the classical, the well-balanced, the sculptural. 
It’s the way in which I rebel against understood order to constitute a family of my own archetypes over time. 
They are objects which are just as beautiful worn on the body as they are set aside.”






Love it all! 

If you would like to see more of her incredible, artistic pieces you can visit her website here:




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