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Pretty Stuff

Pretty Stuff for you!   via:zsazsabellagio Regal gold flower and leaf chandelier earrings   via:zsazsabellagio   Chanel F/W 2019 Couture via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio Ribbon Cuff  Ursa Major via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio     via:zsazsabellagio   Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2019 via:zsazsabellagio Visit:  ArtPassionZsaZsaBellagio

Summer Glam Summer Style

Sexy, sporty, pure summer glam style. Loving this brand of swimwear, Agua Bendito. Agua Bendita Swimwear via:zsazsabellagio vogue.it Agua Bendita Swimwear via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio Agua Bendita Swimwear via:zsazsabellagio Agua Bendita Swimwear Remy Tidy via:zsazsabellagio Malgosia Bela by Chris Colls Agua Bendita Swimwear via:zsazsabellagio Remy Tidy via:zsazsabellagio Agua Bendita Swimwear   via:zsazsabellagio via:zsazsabellagio Remy Tidy Agua Bendita […]

Cool Factor

  “I suppose being fierce is a very good thing, and a very cool thing. But more than fierce, I think I’m a strong person and a strong individual. And that’s what I take with me every day.” * -Johnny Weir       Timothy McMullen VERA WANG FALL 2020 COLLECTION Joseph Piccillo Sarah Moon […]

Beautiful Bella

ELLE FRANCE   JUNE 28, 2019   MODEL: BELLA HADID   PHOTOGRAPHY: ZOEY GORSSMAN “GLAMOURS AT THE BEACH”                     Photography: Zoey Grossman Model: Bella Hadid Styling: Isabel Dupre Hair: Jen Atkin Make-Up: Mary Phillips Manicure: Betina Goldstein Visit:  ArtPassionZsaZsaBellagio

this and that

  “If anyone tells you that a person speaks ill of you, don’t make excuses about what is said of you, but answer: ‘He does not know my other faults, or he would not have mentioned only these.’”   — Epictetus, The Enchiridion     Corps de Ballet dancer in the wings. Paris Opera Ballet. […]

Life Must Have Sparkle

“The world is full of poetry.    The air is living with its spirit; and the waves dance to the music of its melodies, and sparkle in its brightness.”   James Gates Percival    Berta Azzaro S/S 2019 Haute Couture Zuhair Murad, Aquatic Serenade, Spring 2019 Ziad Nakad | Spring/Summer 2019 Couture Veronique Branquinho Paris […]

Summer GLAM

ELLE FRANCE JUNE 2019 “THE SWEET SEA” MODEL: MARILHEA PEILLARD PHOTOGRAPHY: LAURIE BARTLEY Styling: Jeanne Le Bault Hair: Nicolas Philippon Make-Up: Ayami Nishimura www.elle.fr Visit:  ArtPassionZsaZsaBellagio