A little holiday inspiration to share with you today, stay safe.
“There was something magical about that night” 
― James Barbato, The Magic Christmas Ornament
“Don’t spoil Christmas Day by anticipating how it will be. 
Let is unfold as it does, and be grateful for whatever comes.” 
― Toni Sorenson
An unknown woman walks through a French village, Autochrome, c.1910
Babes in Boyland- Wrapping
Swallows tile 
St Frideswide’s Church in the Snow, Oxford
“Every day is a gift. But some days are packaged better.” 
― Sanhita Baruah
“Snowflakes swirl down gently in the deep blue haze beyond the window. The outside world is a dream.
Inside, the fireplace is brightly lit, and the Yule log crackles with orange and crimson sparks.
There’s a steaming mug in your hands, warming your fingers.
There’s a friend seated across from you in the cozy chair, warming your heart.
There is mystery unfolding.” 
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration
Scandinavian Christmas Sampler


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